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diciembre 2015 — Let's Do It Spain
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Ten Keys to a Successful Cleanup

But just like the ocean is a sum of thousand godzillion drops of water, cleaning the entire planet is to clean each and every small segment of it. Don’t ever think that your efforts are meaningless! There is always a bit feasible for you to clean and maintain....

Green Is the New Black

Well, what does it mean?  It is the process by which a company gives you, the consumer, the impression that a product or service has had its environmental impact taken into consideration. I say “impression” because the Green-Washing label only applies if those claims...

I Don’t Give a **** What You Think About Trash

I feel that the value I can create here is reflecting a little on what I have experienced and learned over the past two months travelling the world, and the two weeks I spent at the climate negotiations. I am just taking the liberty of concentrating on seeing things...